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Dr. Michelle Lee, founder of PERK, starred on E! Entertainment’s new reality plastic surgery show Dr. 90210 that aired on September 28th 2020. This was the first medical show featuring an all-female surgeon cast. Dr. 90210 showcased Dr. Lee and three other top female plastic surgeons as they helped their patients undergo life-changing procedures while juggling their personal lives.

While women are now a majority of entering medical students in the US, plastic surgery remains a male-dominated field where men make up 85% of board certified plastic surgeons. The gender gap is especially profound when 92% of cosmetic surgeries are performed on women and women make up only 15% of surgeons available to the patients.

“From excess skin removal, third breast extraction, and a double mastectomy, to facial cysts and post childbirth vaginal rejuvenations these four doctors use their remarkable insight, skill, and bedside manner to guide patients from consultations to surgery and recovery, proving a woman’s touch can go beyond skin deep,” E! announced in the premiere of Dr. 90210 that aired September 28th, 2020.

Episode 1 | Dr. Lee performs a rhinoplasty and jawline feminization on a beautiful transgender model.

Episode 2 | Dr. Lee shows us the subtle magic of filler injectables on a makeup artist's lips who described her smile as too "gummy."

Episode 3 | Dr. Lee showcases her facial rejuvenation skills on a patient who had a full facelift surgery complete with fat grafting. Age is but a number!

Episode 5 | Dr. Lee repairs a pair of earlobes that were stretched out and eventually ripped due to years of wearing large gauges.

Episode 7 | Dr. Lee gives a beautiful woman her confidence back by removing 6 large cysts form the back of her head.

About Dr. Michelle Lee of PERK Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills

Dr. Michelle Lee is a board-certified and award-winning plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. She founded PERK Plastic Surgery to create the best aesthetic experience in the world for her clients. She is known for her artistic eye and expert surgical skills in procedures such as facelift, breast surgery, BOTOX and fillers. The signature PERK result is natural and effortless. Dr. Lee polished her talents at the world’s finest institutions such as Harvard, UCLA, Case Western and the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Michelle Lee

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