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Why consider chin augmentation?

The chin is instrumental in creating a balanced profile and facial harmony. It acts as an important counter balance to the nose.

What is the difference between surgical and non-surgical chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation can be performed either surgically or non-surgically.

Surgically, the chin is modified with an implant. An implant provides you with much longer-lasting results compared to dermal fillers. The chin implant can even be customized to better achieve your aesthetic goals.

Non-surgically, the chin shape and contour can be altered using dermal fillers as volume, or even your own fat can be used. Chin contouring in Beverly Hills with fillers is minimally invasive, and the results last for about a year.

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Who is an ideal candidate for chin augmentation?

The best candidates for chin augmentation are clients:

  • With a recessed chin (usually referred to as a “weak” chin)
  • With poor definition in the neck
  • Unhappy with their profile
  • With a nose that appears too prominent
  • In good emotional and physical health
  • Free from any major medical issues
  • Non-smokers
  • Realistic in their expectations
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What will my recovery be like?

There will be some swelling and bruising for about one week after your chin augmentation procedure. A dressing will be applied directly after surgery to keep the chin’s new shape intact and will be removed after a few days.

If you have undergone chin contouring with injectables, then your recovery will be much shorter, and you will be back in action the same day as your treatment. In either case, Dr. Lee will provide a customized set of aftercare instructions for you, and will see you for follow up visits to ensure your healing is on track.

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