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What can a Revision Facelift achieve?

A facelift is an anti-aging surgical procedure that addresses the following three areas:

  • The mid-face that gradually loses fat volume
  • The areas around the nasolabial folds that droop and sag
  • The jawline develops jowls

Today’s advanced techniques offer a subtle, nuanced, and rejuvenating facelift. At PERK, we want to avoid the previous pitfalls of tightened or “pulled” results. Dr. Lee believes a facelift should enhance your natural, innate, and age-appropriate beauty.

What is a revision facelift?

A revision facelift, or a secondary facelift, should allow you to come closer to what you originally envisioned for your facelift results. The procedure can create or restore a more natural-looking, balanced appearance which is generally the goal of a facelift.

Some of the reasons for a revision facelift include:

  • You are unhappy with the results of your previous facelift
  • The natural aging process necessitates a secondary facelift
  • The results of the initial facelift are unbalanced, uneven, or look unnatural
  • The last surgeon altered your facial appearance to the degree that you feel you don’t look like yourself
  • The first facelift did not achieve the expected rejuvenating effects
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What should I expect from revision facelift recovery?

A PERK revision facelift is generally not a very painful procedure. While you may experience some bruising and swelling after surgery, you can reduce these symptoms with medications and cold compresses. Dr. Lee will curate a plan for your recovery which should be easier than expected. Most patients return to their usual routine within three weeks and are presentable at around two weeks. You should be cleared to return to work shortly after, with restrictions on strenuous activities until one-month post-op.

Trust Dr. Lee with your revision facelift

Creating a natural-looking facelift outcome involves surgical skill, artistry, and the proper techniques. Dr. Lee blends all three to deliver beautiful, nuanced results bespoke for your unique facial structures. As an award-winning and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Lee creates a more youthful facial aesthetic that appears seamless with longer-lasting results.

When ready for a revision facelift in Beverly Hills, you can trust Dr. Lee and her friendly, knowledgeable support staff. At PERK, we understand that your trust in plastic surgery may be shaken, so we take additional precautions to ensure outstanding revision results. You can trust Dr. Lee for your revision facelift in Los Angeles with her unwavering commitment to artistry, innovation, and safety.

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