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You’re proud of your background.. but that doesn’t exactly mean you’re happy with the traits that you inherited. The shape of your nose can be a reflection of your own unique ethnicity, so for those pursuing rhinoplasty with a goal of preserving their heritage, it’s essential to select a surgeon with the experience and understanding to help you achieve just that.

Compassion. Expertise. Heritage.

PERK plastic surgery’s very own board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michelle Lee, has performed cosmetic nose surgery on patients from all around the world. She’s practiced innovative rhinoplasty techniques that have exceeded the unique needs of her patients while respecting their ethnic identity. Being of Chinese descent herself, Dr. Lee is well attuned to the importance of preserving heritage.

What is Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Due to the structural differences of the nose from one ethnicity to another, the approach to each rhinoplasty procedure is unique. Ethnic rhinoplasty refers to this practice of adjusting typical rhinoplasty methods on a case-by-case basis to best suit the patient’s individual features and ethnic traits.

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Rhinoplasty is aimed at bringing harmony to the face

Preparing for Your Consultation

Patients are encouraged to bring photographs depicting their ideal nose shape to their consultation. These images can serve as a great communication tool. Patients should also be prepared to discuss their complete medical history during their rhinoplasty consultation, including any past cosmetic procedures they have had. To be a good candidate for surgery, you will need to be healthy and a current non-smoker.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Recovery

Patients with thick nasal skin may require slightly more healing time after rhinoplasty than those with thin skin. In most cases, however, these differences are fairly minimal and do not increase discomfort. Most rhinoplasty patients can have their nasal splint removed after one week, and many return to work shortly thereafter. Athletics and any other activities that could damage the nose should be avoided for another six weeks.

Dr. Lee sees all patients for regular follow-up appointments to ensure they are healing as expected. During these appointments, she informs patients when it is safe to resume their normal activities.

Arrange an Ethnic Rhinoplasty Consultation in Beverly Hills, California

Whether you wish to modify your nasal nasal bridge, refine the tip of your nose, or adjust the width of your nostrils, a customized ethnic rhinoplasty procedure can be designed to help you achieve your goals. To begin your transformation, contact PERK in Beverly Hills, California at 310-881-8703. The team at PERK will guide you through the rhinoplasty process from start to finish.

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