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Why consider a tummy tuck?

The goal of the tummy tuck is to improve self-confidence in swimwear, eveningwear and everyday clothing. Dr. Lee offers advanced techniques that hides the scarring and optimizes your body’s contour. Our goal at PERK plastic surgery is to help you feel great in your new body and proud of your natural-appearing results.

Following massive weight loss or pregnancy, there is often excess skin left on the abdomen. The six-pack muscles are often separated in the middle. This is known as rectus diastasis. Unfortunately, the excess skin or the separation of the six-pack muscles will not respond to diet or exercise. Surgical intervention is usually the ideal option.

What are the advantages of abdominoplasty?

  • Improved self-image
  • Improved quality of life
  • Better abdominal contour
  • Attractive silhouette
  • Long-lasting outcome
  • Natural-looking result
  • Inconspicuous scarring

“Dr. Michelle Lee is wonderful with her patients takes her time understanding their needs. Explains and put you at ease. Day of surgery she was great. I recommend to anyone.”

Lenore C.

Who makes a good candidate for a Beverly Hills tummy tuck?

The best way to determine if a tummy tuck is right for your goals is to schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Lee in the privacy of her Los Angeles offices.

She will provide a customized physical exam and give you a thorough assessment of all the options. A good decision is a fully-informed decision. In general, these are good candidates for tummy tucks:

  • Suffer from loose, sagging skin in the stomach area
  • Suffer from weakened or separated abdominal muscles
  • Have found dieting and exercise to be useless for contouring the body
  • Are at or close to their ideal body weight
  • Are not planning on getting pregnant in the future
  • Are in good mental and physical health
  • Have a positive, realistic attitude towards their outcome

Before & After

Browse Dr. Lee’s before and after gallery, as a glimpse of what’s in store for you.

Why choose PERK Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills?

  • Award-winning, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
  • Unfaltering commitment to artistry, innovation and safety
  • Compassionate, inclusive practice environment
  • Modern understanding of what it means to be an original beauty
  • Friendly, knowledgeable support staff
  • Nuanced, natural looking tummy tuck results
  • Customized approach
  • State-of-the-art technology and world-class equipment
  • Convenient Los Angeles location and concierge amenities

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