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When should I consider migraine treatment?

Migraine headaches are often described as one of the most debilitating experiences. Sometimes symptoms are so severe that they mimic those of meningitis. Patients may experience nausea and vomiting, as well as a high sensitivity to light. During your private Beverly Hills consultation, Dr. Lee will provide you with options for headache relief, detailing the risks and benefits of surgery, as well as non-surgical solutions.

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What causes migraine headaches?

Millions of Americans are affected by migraines. There are multiple causes, one of them being inflamed or irritated nerve endings. In the past, medication was the only treatment option. However, today, migraine treatments range from BOTOX injections to surgery of the irritated nerve.

Dr. Lee was trained by the founder of migraine surgery himself, Dr. Bahman Guyuron, and has also performed her own research on the topic. The goal of migraine surgery at PERK is to significantly improve or eliminate migraine headaches for our clients.

“Dr. Lee has truly been the most professional and hard working person I have met. Dr. Lee made sure she was available and heavily involved for all of my appointments.”

What is migraine headache surgery?

Migraine surgery was first pioneered by Dr. Guyuron, who trained and mentored PERK’s very own Dr. Michelle Lee. He found that patients undergoing forehead rejuvenation with BOTOX injections also noted an added benefit of headache relief. Over the last decade, multiple migraine triggers have been identified by Dr. Lee and Dr. Guyuron through their research. The four most common trigger sites are as follows:


Surgery of the forehead trigger sites is designed to remove the tiny frowning muscles that can irritate the adjacent nerve branches. Not only are headaches reduced, but this surgery also has the added cosmetic benefit of smoothing the brow and eradicating unwanted wrinkles and fine lines.

Septum and turbinates

Contact between the septum and the turbinates in the nose can trigger headaches, so this procedure involves reshaping the septum and shrinking the turbinates. The end result is not only a reduction in migraine headaches, but improved breathing through the airways as well.

Greater occipital nerve

This nerve is located in the back of the head. Surrounding muscles can put pressure on it, causing a migraine. During surgery, a small portion of the muscle is removed and replaced with fat to relieve pain for the patient.

What are the benefits of migraine headache surgery?

  • High success rate in reducing headache pain
  • Cosmetic improvement of the brow and forehead
  • Improved breathing in the inner nasal structures
  • Long-lasting, sustainable outcome
  • Well-camouflaged incisions
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What can I expect from my recovery?

The treatment used will vary depending on your specific migraine trigger site and will be performed either under general or local anesthesia. Some minor swelling, tenderness and bruising may persist for up to 10 days.

Dr. Lee will furnish you with special ointments and creams to reduce the appearance of the incisions. BOTOX for migraines in Beverly Hills is an office procedure which can be performed by either Dr. Lee or one of our rigorously trained, highly experienced nurse injectors.

Why choose PERK Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills?

  • Ivy-league trained providers
  • Unfaltering commitment to artistry, innovation and safety
  • Modern, compassionate and inclusive practice environment
  • Friendly, knowledgeable support staff
  • Nuanced, natural-looking results
  • Customized approach with each client
  • State-of-the-art technology and world-class equipment
  • Convenient Beverly Hills location and concierge amenities

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