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Why consider top surgery?

The degree to which the chest aligns with one’s gender can play an important role in a client’s self-confidence and well-being. For male to female clients, this means breast augmentation with either implants or fat transfer. For female to male clients, top surgery means excision of the breast tissue to create a more chiseled, traditionally masculine chest with the nipples repositioned. Choosing a highly-experienced, compassionate and board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Lee is critical for surgery success.

What is male chest contouring surgery?

One of the most important parts of gender affirmation for female to male patients is top surgery. This surgery is designed to transform the appearance of a female breast to a masculine chest. Many transgender males bind their breasts to hide them.

Other chest contouring methods include…

Chest contouring with liposuction

Here, liposuction is used to suction out unwanted fat, creating a toned, streamlined and chiseled chest aesthetic. Fat is vacuumed out through a small tubular instrument known as a cannula inserted desired location through a well-hidden incision.

Nipple and areolar reduction

Transgender men often require changes to their nipples and areolar complexes because the female areola is often larger than the male areola. Nipples that are too large, droopy, puffy or long can all be tailored to achieve your unique goals for chest aesthetics.

Male to female chest contouring

Male to female patients often desire a more feminine-appearing chest by creating the appearance of breasts through the use of implants, or by using the patient’s own body fat to form breast mounds. This procedure can produce greater ease and social comfort by aligning one’s physical characteristics with how the patient sees herself on the inside.

Implants can be either saline or silicone, and can be placed either above or below the pec muscles. In some cases, Dr. Lee will use fat transfer method in addition to implants to create softer transitions between the implant and the chest wall. The fat is often harvested from areas such as the belly, back, hips or thighs.

What is recovery like?

Top surgery is outpatient and takes about 2-3 hours to perform. You will have drainage tubes after surgery for female to male top surgery. Depending on the surgical technique, a customized recovery plan will be tailored for you. Most of the bruising, swelling and discomfort will subside after 2 weeks. A compression garment is worn for at least one month to optimize the contour for the male chest.

In the male to female surgery, the recovery is not much different than a traditional breast augmentation. No drainage tubes are necessary. A light compression bra will be given to you for your recovery. Most patients are without limitations or exercise limitations at 1 month.

Why choose PERK Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills?

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