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What Is Asian Eyelid Surgery?

Asian eyelid surgery is a procedure that creates a fold in the upper eyelid or reduces excess tissue along the eyelid. Asian eyelid surgery is not intending to change the shape of the eyes, but rather to maintain cultural identity while meeting the aesthetic goals for patients who are experiencing impaired vision, or for patients who want to improve the definition of their eyes or to create more balance between the size of the eyes and the proportions of the face.

Benefits of Asian Eyelid Surgery

Asian eyelid surgery provides many benefits for patients who wish to achieve an improvement in the appearance of their eyelids. Benefits include:

  • More open eyes that appear larger and refreshed
  • Reduced vision impairment if excess skin was interfering with vision
  • A more youthful appearance
  • Reduced sagging

Who is a Candidate?

Patients who are not happy with the appearance of their eyes may be candidates for this procedure. Dr. Lee will meet with you to examine your eyes and understand your aesthetic concerns, and determine if you are a candidate. Ideal candidates for asian eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills typically meet the following requirements:

  • You are in good overall health
  • You have no serious medical conditions
  • You do not smoke
  • There is no infection or inflammation in or around your eyes
  • You have realistic expectations for what this procedure can achieve
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Your Customized Procedure

Your surgery will be customized according to your specific needs. Most Asian eyelid surgery procedures are performed under local anesthesia and are completed in about one to two hours.

Incisions are made along the natural curve of the eyelid. Dr. Lee will use these incisions to sculpt the eyelids and create a natural eyelid crease. She can also address hooded eyelid skin, sagging and wrinkles. Once the surgery is complete, the incisions are carefully closed.

It is important to choose a highly-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Lee for your Asian eyelid surgery. This procedure is safe when performed by an experienced surgeon who understands how to ensure your eyes are safe during surgery.

Recovery after Asian Eyelid Surgery

Once your procedure is complete, expect to take about a week recovering before you return to work. Expect some bruising, swelling, light sensitivity, and dry eyes. These symptoms will resolve in 1-2 weeks.

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Why Choose Dr. Michelle Lee?

Dr. Michelle Lee is an award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeon whose commitment to artistry, innovation, and safety at her welcoming, inclusive practice make her an excellent choice for patients. She has a modern understanding of what it means to be an original beauty today, respecting the heritage and cultural features of her patients, and ensuring they achieve their aesthetic goals while staying true to their unique look.

With her customized approach, natural-looking results, and state-of-the-art technology and equipment, Dr. Lee satisfies her patients and achieves beautiful outcomes.

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