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PERK Plastic Surgery is happy to offer video consultations for out of town patients or those with busy schedules! We understand it may be difficult to arrange travel to the office, and with video consultation, initial consults can be executed conveniently in your setting of choice.

We utilize a completely HIPAA-compliant telemedicine service (Doxy.me) that is the safest and most secure method to conducting your virtual consultation. Simply click the link below to check-in at your scheduled appointment time.

Doxy.me Portal

Continue below for what you should know before your video consultation!

Prepare for Your Video Consultation:

Patient Information Forms:

Forms to be filled out and signed before your appointment, either via OnPatient Patient Portal or download the below PDFs, sign and email them to [email protected].

  1. Electronic Communication Policy Form (PDF)
  2. Video Conference Policy Form (PDF)

Necessary Equipment:

One of the two following options:

  • A computer/laptop with webcam
  • An iPhone/Mac with FaceTime (iOS)

Ideal Setting:

  • Please try to find a quiet, private space with good lighting
  • Reliable and secure Wifi connection

What to Know:

  • The initial consultation fee is $300, applicable towards your in-person consult and total cost of procedure
  • Prepare any questions you may have about your treatment beforehand
  • While video call is a great method of communication, some physical nuances could be missed and your treatment plan may change after meeting in person

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