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What is facial masculinization?

Facial masculinization involves creating stronger, more masculine features. It may require a set of procedures, which could include:

Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty)

The nose structure may require changes to create the most masculine profile. The male features are larger and more prominent, including the nose. Creating a more masculine nose profile may require adding cartilage to subtly enlarge the nose or nose bridge. In some cases, a non-surgical approach with filler may be sufficient.

Chin augmentation

The classic male chin is longer and has a squarer appearance. To create this effect, a chin implant can be placed to add volume and structure and is customized to match the aesthetic vision of the patient.

Eyelid surgery

During the procedure, issues such as sagging eyelids, or bags under the eyes can be addressed to create a more vital, energetic look.

Forehead reshaping

The forehead on men is typically higher than on women. To create the most angular, structured, and masculine look, the location of the hairline can be altered, and the forehead structure altered to create visible volume at the eyebrow ridge.

Cheek alterations

The cheeks may need to be altered to create a structured look. The procedure could involve removing the buccal fat pad or altering the structure with a custom cheek implant to create the angularity of the male face.

Adam’s apple

The male neck has an Adam’s apple, a projection of cartilage. To create the look, a small implant can be placed surgically.

What to expect?

The first step in planning facial masculinization surgery is to meet with Dr. Michelle Lee at PERK Plastic Surgery. She is a leading plastic surgeon who has achieved acclaim for the exceptional quality of her work and the very natural look she achieves in facial masculinization surgery. The journey starts with a comprehensive meeting with Dr. Lee, who will discuss your wishes, and advise you on the set of procedures that will create the facial look you envision for yourself. You will have the ability to see the changes on virtual, 3D images of your face, allowing you to see how each change will look.

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Why choose PERK Plastic Surgery for facial masculinization surgery?

Dr. Michelle Lee is known for her personalized care, precision approach to facial surgery, and for her exceptional level of artistry in these custom procedures. You can expect genuine support and care from a team that is dedicated to ensuring you are exceptionally pleased with the result of your facial restructuring.

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