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What is facial masculinization?

Facial masculinization involves creating stronger, sharper and more masculine features. It may require a set of procedures, which can include:


The nose structure may require reshaping to create a more masculine profile. Male features are typically larger, angular and more prominent, and this especially includes the nose. Creating a more masculine nose profile may require adding cartilage to subtly enlarge the nose or nose bridge. In some cases, a non-surgical approach like liquid rhinoplasty (or nose filler) may be necessary.

Chin augmentation

The classic male chin is longer and squarer in appearance. To create this effect, a chin implant is placed to add volume and structure, and can even be specially customized to better match the patient’s goals and specific anatomy.

Eyelid surgery

During the procedure, issues such as sagging eyelids or undereye bags can be corrected to create a more vital, energetic look.

Cheek alterations

The cheeks may require alteration for a more structured appearance. This can involve excising the buccal fat pad and/or altering the cheekbones’ shape with a custom implant in order to mimic the angularity of the male face.

What to expect?

The first step when planning for facial masculinization surgery is to schedule a consultation with a board-certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon like Dr. Michelle Lee. Your consultation can be arranged for either a virtual visit or an in-person appointment at her cosmetic practice, PERK Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Lee is an award-winning plastic surgeon who has achieved acclaim on an international scale for the exceptional quality of her work as well as the natural look that has become her hallmark for facial aesthetic surgery. The consultation will include a comprehensive meeting with Dr. Lee, who will discuss your goals with you at length and an individualized set of procedures that will create the masculine aesthetic you envision for yourself.

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Why choose PERK Plastic Surgery for facial masculinization surgery?

Dr. Michelle Lee is acclaimed for her personalized care, precision and careful approach in facial aesthetics, as well as for her exceptional level of artistry in performing these custom procedures. You can expect genuine support and care from a team that is dedicated to ensuring you are exceptionally pleased with your results.

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