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What is facial feminization?

Facial feminization is not a single procedure, but a set of treatments, which may require both surgical and nonsurgical intervention for a lovely, feminine facial appearance. Every patient is unique, and the procedures chosen are specially tailored to each individual’s specific goals and anatomy.

What procedures are performed in facial feminization?

The surgical procedures performed can include:

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What is the procedure?

Dr. Lee’s facial feminization treatment plan is different for each patient. In many cases, the entire process can be performed in a single surgical session. In others, it may require two or more surgeries to foster the most ideal feminine appearance.


A masculine nose structure is typically larger and more angular. Sometimes, nasal reshaping is necessary for a more refined appearance that suits the individual’s facial structure in order to further feminize their face.

Cheek augmentation

For a more feminine facial structure and profile, the cheeks may be altered by adding volume via cheek implants, dermal filler or natural fat transfer.

Forehead reduction and/or brow lift

A smaller forehead and oval-shaped hairline, as well as lifted brows to disguise a protruding brow ridge, are all significant aesthetic variables when feminizing the face. Because the male forehead is typically larger and squarer in shape, and since the male hairline is prone to receding, forehead reduction––also known as hairline lowering (HLL)––is a go-to facial feminization technique. This procedure involves shifting the hairline downward to refine the forehead’s shape and size. Typically, an undulating incision is made along the hairline to better disguise any scarring. Also, lateral brow lift is popularly performed at the same time, and the function of this procedure is to raise the eyebrows so that they sit above the brow bone as opposed to below.


Soft, full lips are undoubtedly a feminine feature! To create the look, a custom lip lift may be performed to reveal more of the inner upper lip to enhance size and shorten the distance between the nose and mouth. In addition, the lips can also be augmented with dermal filler or natural fat.

Chin/Jawline contouring

A masculine chin and jawline typically appear larger and more square-shaped. Facial feminization surgery may incorporate subtle contouring in order to sculpt a V-shape chin and a slimmer jawline which are universally-recognized female features. At PERK plastic surgery, this aesthetic is typically accomplished non-surgically via botox injections. The muscle relaxer works to weaken the masseters, thus significantly slimming the jawline.

Eyelid surgery

It may be necessary to remove under-eye bags or loosened eyelid skin to create a more open, appealing eye look in the transformation from MTF.

Why choose Dr. Michelle Lee at PERK?

If you are undergoing the transition from MTF, facial feminization is often a critical aspect of achieving the feminine appearance you envision for yourself. While under the care of Dr. Michelle Lee at PERK Plastic Surgery, you can trust in her thoughtful, compassionate and detail-oriented approach. Facial feminization requires a surgeon with inherent artistry and an exceptional level of training and experience.

To find out more about Dr. Michelle Lee and her boutique cosmetic practice in Beverly Hills, PERK plastic surgery, we invite you to connect with us to discuss your vision for your facial feminization journey.

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