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Preparing for Surgery

There are many ways in which you can prepare for an upcoming surgery that will help to make your recovery easier and shorter. Many doctors and wellness professionals are starting to understand the value of “pre-hab” in creating a smooth and seamless transition through a difficult procedure. Muscles, joints and bones that are in optimum condition will have a much better chance of healing quickly after surgery, with fewer complications. In other words, the stronger you are pre-op, the better off you will be post-op.

You will need to start your presurgical exercise regime at least six weeks prior to your surgery date. This will give your body time to adequately prepare. Begin slowly, as you don’t want to create undue stress, inflammation or aggravation for the body. Gentle exercise such as yoga and water conditioning can be invaluable for your journey. Both are very relaxing too, so you will find yourself less frazzled as the day of surgery approaches.

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