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For women with asymmetrical breasts, it is an ongoing aesthetic concern, affecting self-confidence. Through surgical correction you can have your breasts rejuvenated and shaped so that they appear balanced in size, shape and position.

Breast asymmetry is more common than you think

Having breasts that look unbalanced in volume, lopsided in appearance, or that are noticeably different in appearance is an unsettling source of embarrassment and distress. It is estimated that 65 percent of women have noticeably asymmetrical breasts. Our breasts change with age, with asymmetry becoming more visible with time. Breasts change during puberty, through pregnancy, with breastfeeding, and with the changes associated with age and hormones. Although these are natural changes, one breast may develop more tissue than the other, the areola of one may be larger than the other, or one may be lower than the other. Breast asymmetry can also come about due to a failed breast augmentation.

Three primary options for the correction of breast asymmetry

There are three options to correct breast asymmetry. These procedures can be performed on one or both breasts although it is often recommended surgically alter both breasts for a superior outcome.

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Breast lift

Health insurance carriers are required to cover your Beverly Hills breast reconstruction according the Women’s Health Act of 1998. Dr. Lee can help you with the process of negotiating with your insurance carrier and will support you with all the necessary paperwork.

Breast augmentation

When one breast is significantly smaller than the other augmentation can be performed in the smaller breast by adding a breast implant. The size of both breasts can also be increased with an augmentation that results in greater volume in both and a balanced, natural look. If there is any sagging in one or both of the breasts, then augmentation can be combined with a breast lift to produce youthful and symmetrical looking breasts with added volume.

Breast reduction

Another option that could be employed is to have the larger breast reduced to the size of their smaller breast, with a custom breast reduction. A private consultation with Dr. Michelle Lee will help you come to a decision that is best suited to your natural figure. When a larger breast is reduced in size to match the smaller breast, many women enjoy the freedom that comes with a smaller bust.

Breast asymmetry revision after a previous augmentation procedure

If you have undergone a breast augmentation that led to asymmetrical breasts, the problem must be surgically corrected. The asymmetry often develops over time, or the breast implants may have never settled as expected, with one higher than the other, or an implant has migrated to a lower, central, or side position. Dr. Michelle Lee is recognized as being among the finest breast augmentation surgeons in Santa Monica or Beverly Hills and is often called upon to perform breast revision surgery to correct asymmetry after breast augmentation.

Breast asymmetry correction and recovery

Breast asymmetry correction is a custom surgery, and recovery times vary from person to person. The first few days after your surgery, it is normal to experience some bruising and swelling, along with discomfort, which is easily managed with prescription pain medication. Within a few days, you should begin to feel more like yourself.

It is important to avoid putting any stress on the incision sites, so you heal quickly and correctly. The recovery from the procedure will typically require about six weeks before returning to vigorous physical exercise. You should plan to take about one week off work, although many women feel well enough to return earlier. The surgery can be life-changing – no more worries about asymmetrical breasts, just lovely, evenly-sized, natural looking breasts, at last.

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Why choose Dr. Michelle Lee at PERK Plastic Surgery?

As a female board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michelle Lee is one of the best options in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica for women looking to have breast asymmetry correction performed. She has the requisite skill and artistry to help you look and feel like your best self. Schedule a private consultation with Dr. Michelle Lee to find out how you can have your body confidence boosted by correcting asymmetry in your breasts. Find balance, happiness, and harmony in your appearance by taking that next step at PERK plastic Surgery.

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