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Dr. Michelle Lee, founder of PERK, starred in E! Entertainment's Dr. 90210 tv show, the first medical show with an all female surgeon cast.

Natural Results.

PERK Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills

Our Philosophy

At PERK Plastic Surgery, we abide by three simple rules for the practice of aesthetics

  • Do no harm: Your safety is our first priority. We pride ourselves not only on innovation but also on utilizing the safest techniques to enhance your aesthetics and health.
  • Create natural and long-lasting beauty: Our signature procedures are designed to highlight your natural and original beauty.
  • Give back: We believe that beauty is a collective human experience. We are at our best when we feel beautiful and when we give back, we present our most beautiful self to the world.
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Did you know?

Dr. Lee believes that knowledge is empowerment, and she is passionate about education before any treatment. She will thoroughly explore your options with you. We will make sure you understand the timing, risks, benefits, recovery, and expected outcomes for your procedure.

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Dr. Michelle Lee

Dr. Michelle Lee is a Harvard trained and board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in nonsurgical and surgical aesthetic procedures for the face and breast. Her path to plastic surgery began with art. As a concert pianist, Dr. Lee’s decade-long performance career refined her artistic approach to aesthetics.

Dr. Lee obtained her medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania on a merit scholarship. She pursued a rigorous six-year residency in plastic surgery at Case Western Reserve University and a dedicated fellowship in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery at Harvard.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Michelle Lee
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Educated choices, natural results

"Dr. Lee is absolutely incredible. She is extremely friendly, personable, understanding, and compassionate. She takes the time to listen to your concerns, gets to know you as an individual person, and has incredible bedside manner. My surgery went smoothly and I am SO happy with the results!"

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Dr. Lee offers a comprehensive array of aesthetic and reconstructive breast procedures, ranging from breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction, to more specialized treatments such as top surgery for transgender clients and gynecomastia surgery for men. She is frequently sought out by both men and women for her skill, as well as her compassion and discretion.

For patients who are seeking non-surgical breast enhancement, Dr. Lee offers several cutting-edge procedures such as décolletage collagen stimulation and nonsurgical breast therapies. These can be instrumental in helping you to achieve your aesthetic goals while avoiding the higher risks and longer downtimes associated with surgery.


Dr. Lee provides superior body sculpting results to contour, tone and sculpt the torso. These include abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) to reduce excess abdominal skin and tighten separated six pack muscles, liposuction to sculpt unwanted fat, and brachioplasty to contour the arms and remove extra skin. Dr. Lee also offers labiaplasty for women who wish to contour their privates.

We strive for results that appear effortless and blend seamlessly with your existing anatomy. Every client is approached as an individual; Dr. Lee will only suggest procedures that serve your aesthetic interests.

A certain kind of respect, trust and appreciation has to exist between us when working on such an intimate level. Together, we will create an amazing, timeless and stunning new you.

Dr. Michelle Lee

Beauty is a collective experience

“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.”

One of the causes close to Dr. Lee’s heart is Fresh Start Surgical Gifts. This is a San Diego-based nonprofit charity for children. The mission of the non-profit is to help children with deformities through reconstructive plastic surgery. Dr. Lee was first involved in the organization when she was in high school in San Diego. Together with other local artists, they put on multiple musical concerts to raise awareness and funds for the organization. We encourage you to learn more about this wonderful cause. www.FreshStart.org

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